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DMV - Registration of Vehicles

The paperwork in the hands of the experts

Save time with Hammer's help,

Enroll your vehicle without waiting

Payments are never delayed, the steps are effective, with just a call, we renew your driving license, we request duplicates or changes of ownership, plates, or stickers. You will see how easy it is to leave it in our hands: speed and comfort near you. We know your problems, and we know how to solve them.Talk with us!

% Multipolicy discounts

Get discounts by hiring several policies.

Do you have the auto insurance contracted? Or home insurance? See our discounts in case of hiring more than one insurance with Hammer you are going to worship our protection!


Registration insurance

Why is it necessary?

An agency does not need to process it! But it is comfortable! For an affordable price, you can enjoy the tranquility of leaving your paperwork in the DMV in expert hands: renew your plate or your stickers with a simple phone call in record time.

Do you want to talk?

How do I start?

You just have to contact us! Contact our agents and request all the procedures in your name with your plate number and driving data. Avoid unnecessary queues and waits, talk to us, and hear the exciting discounts we will offer you. Your friendly agency never lets anyone on the road.

Update or change your Policy!

Update or change your policy easy and quickly.

Each person is different, their circumstances are too. We want to advise you what is the best insurance for you, improve the one you have

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Multiple options and discounts, SR-22. We offer you the perfect coverage. Always by your side when you need us!



Assistance insurance on the road and telemedicine. See all options. We answer when you need it most.

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Any questions?


My license plate is expired, would you be able to help me renew it?

Of course, we can help you renew it. Call us so we can give you instructions on what you will need to bring with you and where to go.

Is it possible to get a duplicate of my registration?

Of course! Just let us know when you need it done by and we'll help you process that request.

I don't have time! I need to renew my license plate and registration. Does Hammer take care of it?

Just let us know and we will do it with pleasure.

Can you make a change of ownership?

Yes, we will do it quickly and easily.

Do you offer registration renewal and new tags from the DMV?

Yes, no lines, no waiting, just pay and go.

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