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Home Insurance

At home, bet on Hammer's protection

Protection for you and your family

Coverage for your house in Friendly Hands

The choice of insurance is essential. Trust the experience of a nearby agent! We serve the parties promptly so that home damage is solved as soon as possible. Coverage also for mobile homes, rental or 'Brush Areas.' The flexibility of plans and insurance adapted to every need.Ask for a personalized offer!

% Discounts for Multiple Policies

Get discounts by having multiple policies.

Hammer wants to help its community. Get substantial discounts by having more than one insurance with us. Comfort and Price Guaranteed!


Home Insurance

Why is it necessary?

The coverage of home damages and the damage to third parties is always necessary, regardless of the type of contract or home. Whether you are a homeowner or renting, we want to make sure you have protection if something unexpected happens. Nothing better than a friendly agency that knows the needs of the community! Check our specific plans.

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How do I start?

Hiring our home insurance is very fast. We will need some data on the year of construction of the housing, the meters and location, and any feature that we need to know, you will get your quote instantly, and you can enjoy it from that moment. Start enjoying the benefit of our prices!

Update or change your Policy!

Update or change your policy easy and quickly.

Each person is different, their circumstances too. We want to advise you what is the best insurance for you, improve the one you have

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Multiple options and discounts, SR-22. We offer you the perfect coverage. Always by your side when you need us!



Cruiser, sport bikes, choppers, customized motorbikes, etc. You drive, we take care of the insurance.

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Any questions?


Can I include my mortgage as part of the home insurance?

At Hammer, we offer a 360 home service, we can issue your policy and protect your mortgage.

I live in an area classified as 'brush area', can I get insurance for my home?

That's not a problem, you will have home insurance even if your house is in a brush area.

What advantages do I have by getting homeowners insurance?

We offer many advantages, check with our agents. The 'Platinum Landlords', for instance, enjoy plenty of benefits from the online portal Properly Rent.

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