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Multiple options and discounts, SR-22. We offer you the perfect coverage. Always by your side when you need us!



Protect your home, property for rent, mobile home or renters insurance. Choose between multiple options.



Protect your business, your workers, and any commercial vehicle. General Liability, Workers Comp, Bonds etc.



Hammer renews the plates and stickers of your car, as well as managing the change of owner and other procedures.



Cruiser, sport bikes, choppers, customized motorbikes, etc. You drive, we take care of the insurance.


Business vehicle

We personalize your insurance depending on the type of vehicle: a work van, a load truck or a pickup



Assistance insurance on the road and telemedicine. See all options. We answer when you need it most.


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Whatever insurance you are looking for, our goal is to provide you with the policy you need at an affordable price and with an excellent service.

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The attention to detail will surprise you when you update your policy, chat with us and check it right now.

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We are with you at every step you take, adapting to the changes in your situation: add new vehicles or drivers with ease and the best discounts.
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Can I add cars to my policy over the phone?

Of course!!! Call us at 909-342-1203, or text us 909-906-3050 or contact us on our website. We can help you!

Do you insure young or unlicensed drivers?

Yes, we have plenty of options for both new drivers and drivers with no license, whether you need an SR-22 filing to get your license back or trying to get a restricted license, we can help!

Are tickets and/or accidents a problem?

We work with many carriers who will not cancel nor non-renew your policy due to accidents or violations; we know things happen. Call us, we'll keep you covered.

Can I add cars over the phone?

Of course, contact 909-342-1203 or chat with us. We can help you!

I need my installment payments to be flexible. How can you help me?

We offer flexible plans with installments adapted to the minimum payment.

Do you need pictures of my car to insure it?

We need photos of your vehicle when you are requesting physical damage, you can take photos on your own and send them to us via text or email.

Can I get a roadside assistance service plan, in case I have an emergency?

Of course, you can purchase your Roadside Assistance policy on the go and enjoy 24/7 support.

Do you offer registration renewal and new tags from the DMV?

Yes, no lines, no waiting, just pay and go.

What kind of payment plans are most popular?

Month-to-Month are the most popular, and we can offer you that option, however, we highly recommend getting a 6-month, 12-month or even a 3-month term policy. And, that you pay in full as soon as you are able to. Not only will you save on the monthly service / processing fees (usually between $8 to $12 bucks per month) but it will also buy you peace of mind!

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