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Hammer Insurance offers you the best motorcycle insurance, and you can process it by phone or by simply visiting one of our offices. From the comfort of your home, we offer you affordable motorcycle insurance for all kinds of motorcycles. Feel the security of Hammer. You'll need more roads!

% Multipolicy discounts

Get discounts by hiring several policies.

With Hammer you can get your motorcycle insurance, so you can save on procedures and obtain a discount. Do you already have insurance? We offer you a better one!


Motorcycle insurance

Why is it necessary?

In California, it is mandatory to have motorcycle insurance, but do not worry because it is affordable and has all the coverages that the law requires. Do you want to know how much you would pay?

Do you want to talk?

Advantages of having a motorcycle insurance

Getting the insurance to fulfill the law on your motorcycle is very simple and affordable. Also, we can offer you coverage for you and your passenger and cover the bike for theft, vandalism, fire, and damage by a crash.

For all kinds of Motorcycle

It does not matter if you have a cruiser, a custom, a classic chopper, or sport: in all cases, we can propose the best market insurance with all guarantees.

The insurance that your motorcycle needs

Motorcycle insurance is very similar to car insurance and covers special equipment or substantial parts. Road assistance is also possible as long as the coverage for physical damage is included.

How do I start?

It could not be easier. We just need the VIN# of your motorcycle and the information of who will drive it: age, zip code, the coverage you are looking for... You will have the quote instantly!

Update or change your Policy!

Update or change your policy easy and quickly.

Each person is different, and their circumstances are too. We want to advise you what is the best insurance for you, improve the one you have

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Assistance insurance on the road and telemedicine. See all options. We answer when you need it most.



Hammer renews the plates and stickers of your car, as well as managing the change of owner and other procedures.

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What kind of insurance do I need for my motorcycle?

Liability insurance is required in the State of California; limits begin at 15000 per person, 30,000 per accident, and 5000 property damage.

Do you cover off-road motorcycles?

Yes, we can quote your ATV or UTV vehicles, anything from a quad to a side by side, Polaris, Can-am, Yamaha, Honda, etc. We will provide the coverage that fits your ride!

Can I change my motorcycle insurance coverage to reduce premium?

Yes, we can reduce your coverage, say in the off-season, or by the time your motorcycle is no longer financed, this will save you lots of money on comprehensive and collision coverage when you may not need it as much.

Is there a payment plan for motorcycle insurance policies?

Yes, we can offer monthly payment plans, as well as 6 and 12-month payment options.

Do you insure people with driving infractions on their record?

Of course. At Hammer, we have access to many insurance companies that only deal with us directly; this gives us many options for you to choose from. At Hammer, no one is left behind.

I need my installment payments to be flexible. How can you help me?

We offer flexible plans with installments adapted to the minimum payment.

Do you need pictures of my car to insure it?

We need photos of your vehicle when you are requesting physical damage, you can take photos on your own and send them to us via text or email.

Can I get a roadside assistance service plan, in case I have an emergency?

Of course, you can purchase your Roadside Assistance policy on the go and enjoy 24/7 support.

Do you offer registration renewal and new tags from the DMV?

Yes, no lines, no waiting, just pay and go.

What kind of payment plans are most popular?

Month-to-Month are the most popular, and we can offer you that option, however, we highly recommend getting a 6-month, 12-month or even a 3-month term policy. And, that you pay in full as soon as you are able to. Not only will you save on the monthly service / processing fees (usually between $8 to $12 bucks per month) but it will also buy you peace of mind!

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